Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Greatest Love Affair

There can be no hesitancy in accepting our task 
to love fully, unconditionally, devotedly that most
important person in our world; ourselves.
No one will be with us longer, no one will know
us better, no one will be a more staunch advocate 
for us than us.

The world will lie and tell you self-love is a bad
idea, because the world wants you to fail. If you
doubt this, stop being the person everyone in your
realm wants you to be, and watch as your usefulness
to others disappears. Utility is fleeting and favor is
easily lost.

Only I can be trusted with my innermost secrets,
my deepest plans, and my most vulnerable emotions.
The idea that another will treat them well and protect,
heal, and nurture these aspects is insanity. Even the 
codependent have an agenda; they give to you what you 
desire so that you will stay. Behind the veneer, there is
selfishness in all we do.

Lack of self-love leads to poor eating habits, lack
of exercise, blurry boundaries in relationships, not
defending ourselves, accepting less than we deserve in life, 
and to accommodate others before self.

Self-love is often whitewashed as cruel and synonymous
with insensitivity; one has nothing to do with the other.
How can you be of use to others if you don't know your
own worth and the reward of self-responsibility?

Putting another's needs first isn't love; it's alteration of
the natural order. We have self-preservation for a reason.

Don't let all the fancy consumerism and bright lights 
distract you; we're animals, we're in a fight for our very
existence, and we all die alone and afraid. Might as well
be happy with who you're left with at the end.

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