Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Talking 'bout the real thing, baby....

If we stop to acknowledge and respect
the amount and level of power
we actually have over our day,
things would go so much more smoothely!

In every moment, if we are Cautious and Aware,
we can transform Reality with either a smile
or a frown....our Thoughts and Words and Actions
are all so carefully tied to our impact on the world,
and, of course, what it gives back to us!

We can determine a new Friend or Foe by
letting transgressions slide or becoming menacing
and defiant. Conflict--short of self preservation--
is a Choice. Resentment is a Choice. And one
decision colors the rest of the world we see.
Do we reach into another person's day for good
or for ill, by either acknowledging them with a
nod and a kind word, or looking the other way
and ignoring them?

Regret, resentment, and rage...
or contentment, calm, and compassion?

Do we perform for others, clamoring for affection
and attention, or do we remain True to Spirit
and Self?

Are we engaged in old patterns and habits,
or are we open to new paths and outcomes?
Repitition or exploration?

Is it in our heart to curse others (and our day)
with contempt, gossip, and assumption,
or do we Bless with kindness, courtesy,
support, and a tongue in reserve?

It is completely within us to decide each of
these, and by choosing, so determine the quality
of our day.....and that of those around us.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


He who lives in harmony with himself

lives in harmony

with the world.

- Marcus Aurelius


Invariably, things turn out differently
than we might expect or envision,
no matter the devotion or detail applied.

Remarkably, the end results can be
more useful than what we intended.

If I Am open to the Gift of Reality,
and cease interpretting as good/bad
from my limited perspective....

if I Am confident in my abilities rather
than doubting and fearing and being
obsessed with lacking...

Great things can occur...and I can see them.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hit the Refresh Button

A daily renewing for our earthly shells

I AM blessed and favored
and ever so great..
I AM a wondrous creation,
connected to all beauty and love...
I AM meaningful, powerful,
pure and clear....
I AM happy by choice,
and free from fear.

I am fulfilled and grateful...
I AM decided....
I AM with purpose....
I AM responsible and
satisfied and content...
I AM always saved,
though I may feel spent.

I AM capable and strong
and provide for myself,
I AM deserving and
prosperous and open
to every good thing coming to me
and through me.

I AM claiming my rightful place
in charge of my own life,
amidst the fast and furious
flowing stream of  benefit and strife.
I AM whole, and it takes every one of
my precious broken pieces
to make it so.