Friday, March 16, 2012

Indigo Girls - "Closer To Fine"

I have a spiritual experience--and a renewed sense of connection
to what's right about humanity--every time I hear this incredibly moving
song. Love the Girls from way back, when they were outspoken before
it was as fashionable, and this is probably my fave song.

It has been inspiration and peace-maker for over 20 years.

It helps to not only know that there are others on the planet now who
understand....but there always have been.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Strength Training

If we feel weak, we do not become strong by
embracing weakness.

We must embrace and even seek
adversity. By allowing and attacking
situations that frighten and intimidate us,
strength is developed.

Stretching the bounds of comfort and
familiarity are the means by which to eliminate
weaker emotional muscles.
Weakness is not an innate, inborn trait;
it is a learned mindset, a bestowed-upon
ideation coming from lack of experience
or lack of faith in self.

Today, look deep in your heart
and know that you are capable of anything,
absolutely anything, that you have to be.

You can endure.
You can grow.
You can be strong.
You can overcome.

Knowing it leads to demonstrating it.

Start seeing yourself
and referring to yourself
as 'Strong' today.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

You Get What You Give

The secret to reaching great heights
is not looking down...
and not staying still.

Sometimes the draw of
something familiar and safe can
be more enticing than the call
of a frightening, new prospect.
What has come before--
our status quo--
even when unhealthy,
can be soothing.

But only through stretching and
growing can we experience
all that there is to life.

The contentment and comfort
of staying frozen in place
is not a positive;
to achieve new heights
requires taking risks,
putting yourself out there,
and, sometimes,
being set free without a net!


Thursday, March 8, 2012


That delicate, ever-shifting balance between
'warding off wolves' (both inner and outer)
'making peace with this insanity-fest world of imperfection.'

Is embracing one manifestation of thought
to ignore or betray the other?

Are they compatible?
Or merely intrinsically overlapped
as they flow to and fro, endlessly?

Some days are deemed 'success,' some days...
let's be generous and say
'less than wonderful.'
Others, mostly--
no matter our station or contribution--
are stuck knee-deep in mediocrity.

A brackish mix of back and forth,
vacillating between storm clouds and sunshine.
Despair and contentment and happiness and numbness,
all rag-tag swirled in an unavoidable

It is what it is.
Ain't no rhyme or reason...
ain't no need to fight.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stephen Fry on Manic Depression (Bi polar disorder)

Some really good assessments and insights;
sometimes just knowing someone else is out there coping
can be enough to instill a little hope!

It is important to note that he admits having a milder
version of bi-polar. But I think he does a splendid job painting
the dire picture of what it's like dealing with the disorder, and
yet keeping hopeful and upbeat.

I especially like his metaphor for weather and moods, and
the method for managing thinking during an episode.