Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stay in the Moment

I am no longer a child, and I must learn to
act accordingly.

No person may make me do what I do not wish
to do.

No person can make me feel ashamed without
my permission.

No one can alter how I feel on the inside.

I can rationalize and comprehend that people
who care for me will not try to control or change me.

I do not have to be in the company of anyone
I don't choose to be.

I will not let others steal my joy.

I will not let others live 'rent-free' in my head.

I will change my circumstance if necessary. I am
not set in stone with any situation. I can master
my own destiny and outlook.

I am capable and strong and have resources now.

I am not a victim to conflict and chaos, despite
how I might react to it initially.

I will be calm, cool, and relaxed before making rash
decisions which will hurt only me.

I am not reliant on an outside source for salvation.
I am strong and capable on my own.

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