Monday, October 11, 2010

What's it Gonna Be?

(Taken from the "In The Rooms" newsletter/website)
October 9
Get Off Your Buts
If you sit in the middle of the road, you will get hit by traffic from both directions. -Bryce Courtenay
After spending a day with a small group of friends in New York City, we were deciding whether to go to a movie or go home. As we drove along, each person gave their input. "I'll go with the flow," said the first person. "I'm not attached," offered the second. "I'll do whatever the group wants," added a third. I'm just happy," reported a fourth. The driver pulled off the road, turned to face the others, and half-irritated, half-humorously, announced, "That's enough! Can't you guys come up with anything but new age platitudes? I need to know what direction to drive this car; this is one of those situations in which everyone is just going to have to be honest. Now, let me ask each of you again. What would you like to do?"
As it turned out, no one wanted to attend the movie, so we all just went home-but not before I learned an important lesson in taking a stand.
When you're honest about where you are, you and others have something to work with. If you're vague or withhold your truth for the sake of pleasing others, it's hard to get anywhere. Even if you're upset or feeling unclear, you serve by reporting where you are. Often simply speaking up moves the energy to the next level.
Sometimes all we have to offer is our current experience, and that is enough. Even if we're not in touch with the ultimate truth of the universe, or if our position changes, we do well to give the driver a direction before he has to pull off the road to ask.
I pray to be clear with myself and others. Give me the confidence to know that where I am is good enough.
I make a stand for who and what I am.
This meditation is an excerpt from Alan Cohen's meditation book, A Deep Breath of Life.

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