Sunday, September 12, 2010

Little Things

Instead of dreading the things I 'must' do today,
let me choose to delight in all things.

I will walk the dogs with a sense of adventure and
excitement, knowing that I never know what will
happen when I leave the house. I will focus on the
fact that I am getting fresh air, exercise, and being of
service to my animals.

I will use time spent doing laundry and the dishes
to reflect on the blessings that I have; not everyone
has a home, nor clothes, nor dishes. Not everyone is
able to do for themselves. Not everyone has food.
I have more than I realize, always.

Car problems are preferable to being without a car.

Annoyances of friends are a reminder that we could
always be alone, and have no such blemishes to
overlook. There's always the possibility that a friend
is overlooking our defects, too. It helps to remember that.

I can use chores and driving as a time to meditate
and reflect on good things; things that have gone right,
positive outcomes to current dilemmas, wishes and
prayers for others and myself, or dreams for the future.

People who talk about things that annoy me are a chance
to practice patience, love, tolerance, and discipline.
I can do anything for a few minutes that I would not want
to do all day. Bad experiences are also good for helping us
to appreciate our freedom!

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