Sunday, September 12, 2010


I release the potency of another;
no one is more significant than me.

I release the power of hurt feelings;
no words or actions should prevent
me from living, trying, being.

I detach from the past; I do not
have to dwell on old pains or allow
them to taint the perfectness of now.

I accept that life is full of possibility;
I first have to retrain my mind and
body to allow for love and health to
be a part of my equation.

My old ways of seeing and hearing
are not necessarily realistic; I will
not jump to conclusions about people,
their motives, or their ideas.

One bad thought does not make a bad time.
One bad time does not make a bad week.
A bad week does not make a bad life.
A bad past does not dictate a bad future.

An unkind word does not make for an
cruel friend. I can stop the
insanity of pre-emptive strikes when it
comes to my relationships. My inability
to trust doesn't make people untrustworthy.

Perspective, calm, and acceptance.
One situation at a time.
I can stop predicting the future and allow it to

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