Monday, September 13, 2010


We are not saddled with the
burden of too much natural
innate shamefulness when we
are ushered in to this world.

Some may be bashful by nature,
others outspoken, but in general
the only hardwired sense of self
is in regard to romantic feelings
and possibly resistance to
being the object of scorn.

We are taught everything

Taught to feel shame for our
shame for being attracted to
other bodies,
shame for our bodies' natural
reactions and activities....

Taught shame for our brains
being 'too smart' or 'not smart

Shame for our economics.

Shame for our ideas and dreams.

Taught to be ashamed of our
friends and family.

Shame for differences, standing
apart, being unique.

Shame for weakness.

And we're taught this shame by a
collective representing the
established whims of the local ruling
the school system...
the church....
law enforcement.....
the media.....

It starts early
and continues in overt and covert
means for a lifetime.

Today, let me put aside the shame
that I have subscribed to
unwittingly and unwillingly
and be at one with my true self.
Let me extend conscious thought
to being kind and open
to the differences in all people
I come across in my journey.

Being in the minority or
receiving antagonism does not
indicate wrong.....
it just indicates resistance.

Let me stand against
those who would insist on
uniformity rather than unity.
Even if I am the only one who
sees the need.

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