Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Choose New Paths of Thought

I choose to let go of my idea of how things
'should' be, and focus on discovering reality.

If I anticipate that things will turn out badly,
they surely will.

If I hold on to an idea that one specific person
can solver all my problems, then I will not be
concentrated on solving them for myself,
or allowing life simply to be. It also places
and unfair burden on the other person.

My ideas of what friendship and love 'have'
to be in order to be valid have crippled what
relations I have had and prevented others from

Things are never as bad as I imagine them to be.
I need to worry less and release more. I will cease
'reading into things' and simply allow other people
their ideas, opinions, moods, and situations without
feeling the need to 'fix' or interfere with them.

My attachment to the way I think (out of habit)
and the things I expect has ruined the flow of
life for me. It is not life that is bad; it's my tainted and
twisted view of it.

I reject my rigid thinking--it has never solved any
of my problems. Unbeknownst to me, it worsened or
added to many non-problems.

Today, I choose to unclench, and allow that there may
be another side to everything besides my perception.

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