Saturday, June 29, 2013

You Got to Keep it Separated

Some simple ways to break the monotony
of treading the same ground relentlessly!

"Is it necessary...or a time waster?"

"Am I being expedient...or taking the long way around?"

"Am I working harder...or smarter?"

"Is what I'm doing important...or a distraction?"

"Does this action benefit...or hinder me?"

"Am I doing this from habit....or consciously?"


Friday, June 21, 2013

Between 'Caring' and 'Being Too Sensitive'

I find myself in constant inner debate over how much concern
and involvement is too much, and even questioning how much
of an actual impact activism and public discourse really has.

"The world is the same way it's always been, and the same way
it will always be," I remind myself. "How much good am I doing
fighting against monoliths?" Especially when sometimes the only
outcome seems my added stress and upset over wrongdoings to

Where do we draw the line between 'comcern' and 'distress?'

I do try and pick my battles. It's one thing to be informed, but these
days there's so much wrong-doing that just keeping abreast is a full
time job. And there really is only so much that can be reasonably done.
But trying to muster public support against an unpopular position seems
an easy thing to do, especially with social media's efforts, and is a far
easier assault to launch than picketing or petitioning door to door.

My biggest focus of interest tends to be the vulnerable--those who either
can't (or are unlikely to) defend themselves, like children, the elderly, the
ostracised, etc.  However, since that's who cowards and losers target in
their efforts to debase and swindle and abuse, that's an ongoing effort.

I recognize that what I can do may be severely limited. I know there are
only so many hours in a day. And I know that I can't allow the reality of
abuse and injustice to steal my own small measure of joy or peace.

But if I don't do what small amount I can from my corner of the world,
and IN my corner of the world, then I would truly be despondent.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Slow Rotation: Change Your View

SEE the prosperity before it exists
in order to make it exist

Create It

Accept it

Believe in it

Know your deservingness

Open up Possibilities

Embrace Success

See Improvements

Imagine Transformation

Encourage a Positive Future

Ignore the Bleak

Give Your Own Strokes and Rewards

What you see and believe carries
into everything you do, say, and think.

And the results and repercussions
vary as the input does.