Monday, February 28, 2011

Who Will I Be?

May I stop taking the easy way out

and engaging in conflicts

with those who have 'hurt' me... while still being kind

and loving to strangers.

Kindness matters most when it is given freely to those

who need it--and for whom it is most difficult to give it to.

Love is either free...

or it is quite costly.

Blocking the flow of love does not only hurt another,

it wounds us too.

I choose to risk being a fool....

I choose to take a chance...

I choose to stretch my comfort zone....

I choose to give love from me,

regardless of whether it is given in return.

Instead of seeking to find refuge from all conflict,

let me work on having a heart and a center

that is free of conflicted thinking.

There is no room in my day for 'adversaries'

or nursing hurts from the past.

Words alone do not erase my wounded soul;

I must actively engage in that which I fear.

Let no person stand outside the perimeter of my love.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recommended Daily Checklist

Recommended Daily Checklist

Start the day—and end the day—with focus on positive thoughts

Focus on the moment at hand

No complaints

No blame

No self-pity


Assert your worth

Recognize how unimportant most things are

Make good use of time

Relax and let it be

Don’t tear others down to feel good about self

Don’t assume

Be kind to your mistakes—and others’

Take responsibility

Help another, without judgment

Embrace difficulty

Try new things; RISK

Trust that all is well; worry is a worthless emotion

People are doing the best they know how

Know your strength; meet challenges

Focus on gratitude, not lacking

Be your own cheerleader

Hold to a higher ideal; even if alone, even if your heart isn’t in it


Saturday, February 19, 2011

"There are an

of angles
at which one
but only one
at which
one stands."

-G.K. Chesterton

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"It seems easier to lie prone than to press against
the law of gravity and raise the body onto its feet
and persist in remaining vertical.

There are many incidents which can eviscerate the
stalwart and bring the mighty down. In order to
survive, the ample soul needs refreshments and
reminders daily of its right to be and to be wherever
it finds itself."

-Maya Angelou, from
"Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now"


I push on because I have to.

I'm strong because I give myself

permission to access the depths

of my untapped potential.

I choose to know my worth

and promote it because I am

not beholding to another.

I give voice to my greatness

because the world seeks to fill

my head with lies and disavow

my miracle.

I see my merit and talent

because I want to be free.


Alan Cohen Daily Meditation February 8

February 8

I’ll Be Your Rock
"A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece
of nature."

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

The acclaimed motion picture Field of Dreams touched the hearts of
millions and was nominated for an Academy Award as best picture of the
year. Actor Kevin Costner accepted the lead role in spite of a deluge
of criticism from his advisers, who warned him that he could damage
his image and career by making a “Care Bear" film. The sponsoring
studio also levied immense pressure against Costner and producer Phil
Robinson in an effort to add sex and violence to make the movie more
marketable. When Robinson was tempted to buckle, Costner urged him,
“Don’t give in, Phil? I’ll be your rock. ” Encouraged by Costner’s
support, Robinson held his ground, and the film went on to be a huge
success without exploitative elements.

Is anyone your “rock"? Have you acknowledged this person? Are you a
rock for another? What can you do to support someone who is being
challenged to hold to their vision?

The support of a friend during a time of adversity can make the
difference between success and failure, despair and triumph.
Encouragement and confidence are priceless spiritual gifts that can
change an entire life.

Give me the strength to be a rock to my friends.
Help me sustain the spirit of my loved ones and to be open
to receive their support.

Founded in Spirit, I can do all things
in the name of love.

This meditation is an excerpt from Alan Cohen's meditation book, A
Deep Breath of Life.

What price a soul?

I now see the purpose in the deconstruction
of my life and 'identity' that I have been through
these last few years.

It has been an invaluable experience, to see the
loss of friends....
loss of standing...
loss of funds....
loss of mobility...
loss of esteem...
loss of security...
loss of family...
loss of job...
loss of vehicles....
loss of lovers.....
loss of awards....
loss of opportunites....
and to finally be brought so low that I was made
to see what could not have been shown with all
the riches of this world at my disposal;
That I AM whole and blessed by virtue of my
life and who I AM at the core of me.

I AM a King and Fully Realized as the intact
dreams, hopes, essence, choices of this moment
now. I AM not defined by any level of acceptance,
allowance, or accolades provided by another.

I AM a seamless blending of mind, body, spirit, emotion
and connection to universal consciousness. None can
fill my place, none may take my worth, none may steal
my Joy.

I AM not identified by any external restraints.
I AM blessed if no one pays respect or sings my praises
but me. I AM not interested in nor distracted by the false
idols of material world supports and markers.

The fading and undependable constraints of
popularity, acclaim, possessions, titles, and other
false basis for security are no longer appealing to me.

I AM becoming. I AM not static.
I AM assured by my understanding and my vision.
I AM procured riches by confidence of value,
intrinsic and immutable.

My peace comes from disassociation with the false
importance of the deluded world and accepting my
capabilities as designer of my own reality.

I AM no longer reactive, nor strengthened by an
idea of significance precipitated by external influence.
I AM complete unto myself; all that I need is within.


Monday, February 7, 2011

True Equality

Each of us has something to offer
the world, even if it hasn't yet been

If I ever imagine another person to
be less than myself, I am the one
who is disconnected from the
light of Inner Consciousness. I am
cursing both that blessed soul and
myself with my condemnation.

My not seeing another's value does
not mean it doesn't exist; it makes
me limited in vision. It is never my
place or business to evaluate another.

Each of us has a different path to
walk, a different way of connecting
to the Spirit, a different way of
expressing ourselves, a different
voice to offer, a different vision
to follow, and a different way of
interpreting the world.

Different has never been a bad thing,
but 'different' seems to always get
translated into 'strange' and then
'bad' because anything that takes us
from the comfortable mirror of our
own reflection seems to wreak havoc
with our security needs.

It's all good. I need not seek so much
to understand as to accept. I need not
so much seek to be understood, but
to embrace self.

When I am at peace with the Spirit within,
I find no problem with another. When I do
the work on self that needs addressing,
my need to change or worry over others

I am one with the universe, and so are all
my brothers and sisters. Differences don't
change that; they enhance it.


Push on Through

When you feel lost
and have forgotten why
you started....
Push on Through!

When the day is long
and the task hard....
Push on Through!

Family doubts and
friends are few
and death claims
all but you....
Push on Through!

Until we die, we
have all that we need
to make it.

Believe in self
no matter what...

When you fall down,
get back up.

Defeat is found in
our attitude,
not circumstances.

There is nothing that
can stop you;
unless you choose
to allow it.

Push. On. Through.


Real or Imagined?

The brain can't tell the difference between
what's really happening and what our
limited perceptions 'tell' us is happening.
This is a scientifically honored bit of info
that gives a lot of weight to just how
easily we are affected by our feelings,
interpretations, perceptions, concepts,
stories, and opinions.

We form an attachment to the way in
which we have come to see the world.
Then, with great emotion and repetition,
we reinforce those notions every time
we enter a new situation and recall our
own version of past events.

Since we have a fixed idea, we perceive
a new situation through the same lens, and
pick up the aspects of the reality that give
us what we're looking for. Ad infinitum.

To break free from the imprint of our
subjective thinking, we first have to open
ourselves to the possibility that it is true.

We have to be open to the idea that we
don't know everything for certain.

There is much we don't know, and much
we have misunderstood.

Knowing the simple phrase "It could all
be otherwise" makes our need for adamance
and being 'correct' fall to the wayside.
It opens up an incredible new world of
options and calm.

We have to be open to changing our
deeply held beliefs and deeply ingrained habits.

None of this is easy, but having our eyes
opened and consciousness broadened is a
one-way street. You can't take away one's
insight, once gained.


The Light Within

The light of the world is never
vanquished; it is always lit and
within you.

You may have been told

You may have believed otherwise...

You may have busied yourself
searching every external spot or
thing on the planet for the answer
(and, as the poem says, found
yourself right back where you

You may have turned away from the light....

You may have allowed yo0ur concept of
the flame to become extinguished....

You may feel defeated and hopeless and
disconnected and wayward and blue.....
but it is still wonderfully bright and true,
deep within you, always.

The light is within.....

Stop searching....
Stop struggling....
Stop denying....
Stop avoiding....

Allow the light to be part of every choice you make.

Know you are a part of the Universe in a special
way that no one else can match, and no one else
can remove.

"The darkness has a call that's insatiable,
and the lightness has a call that's hard to hear."
(-Indigo Girls)

Work hard to hear and see the spirit within.....
and know it is there whenever you are ready to
embrace the greatness in your life today. It has
never left you.


The Power of the Past

Many of us struggle with a dark past
that seems to prevent us from knowing
peace in the present. But this is a lie
of the mind and heart, conditioned to
be weak and subjective.

Bad things happen. Whether we grow
stronger from it or recoil and become
weakened is, at some point, a personal
choice we make.

What has happened cannot be changed;
how we deal with the aftermath is the key,
crucial matter which determines our life.

Detach from the emotion of hurt.
Experiences simply 'are'; life has no point
to its occurrences outside of what we attach
to it. We are responsible for the emotional
shackles that keep us from moving beyond
perceived hurt and pain.

We develop an emotional bonding in
regards to certain events, people, things.
Then we re-live and strengthen that bond by
playing over and over what has happened,
re-experiencing the emotional upset again
and again.

We label ourselves victims, we see the world as
a dangerous place, we see our lot in life as being]
someone who receives--or even deserves--
punishment and pain. But these are all incorrect
assessments that the mind attributes as fact
because there is no advocate telling us otherwise.

Become an advocate today.  See your story
for what it is. Choose to relinquish your
attachment to the past, your idea of what your
worth is, your anger over assumptions of what
life is about, your frustration at how much you
perceive as 'bad.'

Start looking at and for the good in your life and
the world. See the correlation between thought
and action, attitude and consequence, desire and
fruition. See the part we play in the universal play;
we are not weak in the least....our energies are
simply misdirected and underutilized.

Break free from the past and see the power of
the present moment now.

If you dare.

Start by accepting that you are loved, blessed, whole,
perfect, and simply don't know it yet.


NAME it and CLAIM it

Do you ping-pong off whatever life throws
at you, or do you deliberately and diligently
choose what you wish to fill your day with?

Do you know the power of deciding for your
own self what is good and desired, and set
forth to bring it about?

Do you know how to let go of the past and
move on in confidence, glory, and acceptance
of every good and deserved thing coming to pass?

Have you discovered the ultimate awesome
power of your own mind and heart in bringing
about all miracles you wish to occur?

First we have to decide our worth; knowing that
we are perfect and unique, blessed children of
a loving universe. We are purpose-filled and
meaningful, and the only reason we have not
reached our state of light and value is that we have
neglected ourselves.

The power is within. Each of us is connected to
the perfect universal energy of creation by virtue
of having been born and being a special individual
that will never be duplicated.

Do we curse our seeming failures, or praise our

Do we bemoan the past and hurt, or do we work
towards true happiness and contentment?

The choice is available to us, though our minds are
filled with tricks and lies of habit that tell us otherwise.

Which voice will you listen to today?

Will you Name your greatness and Claim your
victory, or will you wallow in defeat of your own

There is no circumstance that can keep us from
a joyous existence.



Armor or Sponge

Throughout the day, I come in contact
with all manner of people thinking all manner
of thought. They come from every possible
background in every mood imaginable.

I must have prepared myself to be
intact withing self, maintaining a protective
seal around me at all times that blocks the
negativity, criticism, nay-saying, doubting,
condemnations, depression, and despair
of those around me.

I can pay notice and be compassionate,
but the emotions themselves must remain
on the outside of my sphere of influence.

I cannot allow myself to absorb their
emotional state or be swayed by the power
or their spiritual crisis.

I keep my protective bubble in good working
order, and if I need to reinforce it or draw
attention to it, I do so. Keeping a sound
and secure buffer between myself--and the
manner and spirit of healthiness I wish to
maintain--and the outside world and its whims
is a full-time job.

I cannot afford to be a sponge for anyone
else's mess.

Today, I know my worth.

Today, I draw my every good.

Today, I focus on the positive and the

I am aware and in charge of what fills my mind,
my body, my spirit, and my life.


NO Coincidences

We are all co-creators of our own world,
bringing about whatever joy or misery we
innately feel we deserve.

When we know our worth and embrace
it, when we stand tall and ready to receive
the reward for our greatness, the truth
of these beliefs is manifested in externals.

What we put forth comes back to us.

What we believe, comes to pass.

Change the thinking, change the outcome.

Change the actions, change the reality.

Know your worth, speak your good,
accept and expect every good thing and
turn your thinking to it constantly, and be
amazed at what comes to pass.

But it isn't coincidence; we are powerful
beyond compare with our words, thoughts,
attitudes, and focus.

What's on your mind today?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Power Within

God is within me; my perfect, fulfilled, embraced loving self that

has no unmet need and sees no displeasure in others...

is at peace with all things...

sees no trouble, only opportunity and challenge....

I/God/universe/connectedness is at the root

of all harmony and acceptance. I strive and I prosper,

no matter the circumstance...

I allow my abundance in spirit to manifest itself

as my blessings in the world...

evident at all times, even when I refuse to acknowledge

and voice them.

Today, let me actively pursue greatness.