Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Version of Success

Not accomplishing what was
intended is not a failure. Not
all efforts meet with society's
version of 'success.'
In not meeting expectations,
we succeed by; learning how
to stay strong, persevere,
remain committed, alter our
thinking, try new tactics,
seek help when necessary,
rely on friends, practice faith,
retool our idea, develop more
confidence, get a sense of
humor, expand our horizons,
get the word out, and much more.
Things don't happen overnight.
Give yourself a break.
Give yourself a chance.
Give your idea and your efforts
the time to get noticed and get
solidly supported.
If you lose your spirit now, you
might not be 'where you need to be'
when the break happens.
Success doesn't happen in a first
attempt (except in rare freak
Success comes from a thousand
nights of late hours, plenty of
bumps and bruises, plenty of
footprints on our egos, a million
moments of disbelief being
overcome, and a bunch of skeptics.
Keep hope alive,

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