Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just For This Moment....

Just for this moment

Let me be still
Let me allow life to exist without
my orchestrating and protestations

Let me live as if this moment
were my last
worrying about nothing whatsoever

Let me recognize and accept that
everything is okay
and be free from angst, despair, regret,
manipulation or dramatic reaction

Let me try simplicity and peace,
being easy and free, leaving complications
and judgment behind. My opinion matters
very little.

Let me leave the past in the past;
it is only alive so long as I maintain a
connection to it.

Let me embrace this moment, here, now
and nothing more.

Let me release criticism of the world,
of God, of others, and even myself
one thought at a time. Let no gossip
pass my lips.

Let me leave pride and distancedness
and struggle and ego behind,
admitting that I need not be alone,
and that weakness is not defeat.

Let me carry myself towards my ideals
and carry those ideals with me; I need
not be swayed by words, circumstances,
or an invitation to a battle. I have choices.

Let me be released from perfectionism
and acknowledge that chaos and uncertainty
are part of the fabric. Let me resist pulling threads.

Just for this moment....

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