Sunday, September 12, 2010

Easy, easy

Easy, easy, slow and steady.

I get busy and stay busy,
working towards my needs.

I may not feel like it, I may
not be motivated. I may be tired
and sore and depressed..
but still I make myself move.

One step at a time,
one moment at a time,
one decision at a time,
one thought at a time.

Leaving off the past....
it does not command me.
Setting free expectations...
they only sabotage me.

Nothing is worth getting upset
over. Nothing is worth worrying
over. There is balance between
moving forward and obsessing
over how it will play out.

I detach from all people,
places, and things. I can only do
right by others, but I cannot try
and draw them to me.
My first priority is to self.

If I am caring for self,
being true to self,
and defending myself,
taking responsibility for all
my own thoughts, feelings,
actions and needs....I do not
need to blame another.

I can only
live as best I know how right
here and now, and I can't
put the weight of my happiness
on specific circumstance.

I choose to be happy that the
sun is shining, that I have time to
myself, that my life can be simple
if I refuse to let in the drama.

Things are not that bad.
Things will be all right.
Live your life and leave others
to live theirs; I am not needed to
fix them and they are not needed
to absolve me.

All is well with things just as they are.

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