Sunday, September 12, 2010


Everybody feels like their efforts are unnoticed
and certainly unappreciated, sometimes.

Everybody compares their bodies to others',
especially when the jeans don't fit or the scale jumps up.

Everybody think that people are looking down on them
or talking behind their least occasionally.

Everybody feels like they could do with a little more
love and a lot less stress.

Everybody questions whether friends and lovers are true,
whether words can be trusted, whether anything is sure.

Everybody stumbles, hurts, doubts, questions, hates,
fears, and falls; some just hide it better than others.

Everybody would like to run away, start a brand new life,
leave all their troubles 'behind'; at least once in a while.

Everybody regrets something (or many somethings) from their
life, and wonders when they will be forgiven.

Everybody hates at least parts of the life they have wound
up with, and has resentments and grief; even if only quietly.

Everybody has to use the facilities's never pretty....
we're all self-conscious about others' senses giving us away.

Everybody becomes a baby when they're sick; we all worry
that we're going to die because of a stomach ache.

Everybody feels they don't measure up, aren't good looking,
or doesn't have anything to offer.

How we deal with all of this is what distinguishes us from
one another.

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