Sunday, September 12, 2010

Reminder Notes


A few memos to keep you stitched together
for another 24 hours!

Be glad in all you do.
Not everything is exciting; cat boxes still need changing
and rude people still exist.
Carry a positive attitude with you and know
that it's all just part of the way of the world.

This moment is all that we have.
Stay focused on it, experience it fully.
This moment is everything.
Slow down, and focus.

You can't avoid conflict; you can control how
you respond to it. Choose wisely.

Who you surround yourself with, what you think,
the things you do, the words you speak all lead
you to the next step of your life.
Decide what is worth your time.
Where possible, don't let your day be dictated to you.

There's no time to waste.
Quit procrastinating, quit spinning wheels,
quit avoiding, quit letting fear rule your mind and
decisions. It doesn't have to work out perfectly;
it doesn't even have to work out. Just do it.

Bad stuff happens. It's part of the whole of life; it isn't
the entirety. Sadness isn't the end of the show.
Setbacks aren't final. "To everything a season..."
There will be difficulties; they are unavoidable, but
not insurmountable.

Loving everyone equally--even when our heart isn't
in it--eliminates a lot of problems. Stop keeping score.
Stop paying attention to annoyances. Stop criticizing.
Make a point to say something nice--and true-- and
recognize the similarities and commonalities.

It's okay if people/activities/relationships don't work
out to your specifications, standards, or demands.
Be loose and be free, appreciating things as being okay
without my interference.

A final word--

There's a lot to apply from these memos. I don't
expect the work to get done today. Consider this
an open-ended assignment; something to work
towards and keep working towards. So long as I
see some progress, it's all good.

Keep in touch, regardless of how things go. I'd like
to be kept abreast of your changes. And, as always,
if you need help, I'm always able to be reached, any
time of the day or night.

I'm really a dream boss; open, easy to talk to,
supportive, and the provider of all benefits. Just get
the work done, and know that I appreciate your efforts.

I try not to involve myself unless asked; people seem
to misinterpret my efforts to help. I find some simple
suggestions for keeping things on track work.
But if there are any questions, or you need feedback of
any kind, I'm here for you.

Good Orderly Devotion
Director of Operations

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