Monday, September 13, 2010

April 22, 2010

Good morning all....

I hope for a day of productivity and promise

for everyone.

Remember; we have more strength than we


And the struggle is the journey. You're in the

right place.

Much love, Robert


When I start to nay-say and talk myself out of

doing what is uniquely me or morally correct...

let me remember that it is in quiet moments

like these throughout time when character is


No one else can decide how best to express

the love and creativity you have. Don't let fear

of others' reactions determine what you do in


Let the motivation lead, and the boldness follow.

"Be faithful and strong;

it's definitely a choice....

you don't have to have courage

to give it a voice."


(adapted from "Daily Inspiration")
When you feel the need to tell someone how bad your day has been, tell them how good it's been instead. Let me to highlight the parts of my day that will bring me to a peaceful and joyful place.

There is always a reason why people act as they do. Let me to be more patient and understanding.

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