Sunday, August 29, 2010

Prayer for the hurting; Letting Go

Though I wish you well
and truly hope you find
your needs met always,
I cannot carry you further.

I cannot be a scapegoat 
or a doormat or a target
for someone else's hurts.

My needs cannot come
second to someone else's,
despite how deeply I care.

My responsibility is to self.
I need to defend myself
against attacks of all types.
I am not on the planet
to please others or be
controlled by them.

It is not my job
to put up with abuse 
in the hopes that someone
will eventually 
get their stuff together.

My only concern is to
live my best life, and I
can no longer play
this sick game.

Every blessed wellness
I wish for you, 
my friend.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Balance & Paradoxy

Confused yet becoming clearer

Standing alone yet connected

Detached and tapped in

Compassionate but not codependent

Fighting strong yet at peace

Solid but malleable

Formidable yet vulnerable

Freely exploring but with goals

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Chance to Shine

Though we are connected,
we are at heart a Power of One

'Alone' is a blessing..
we see our path more clearly..
we recognize the strength within...
the artifice of pleasing others disappears
   from the landscape...

Less distractions lead to discovering
our true calling.
Whether we succeed or fail, there is
no one outside of us
that will ever care about it 

or be as deeply affected....
begone, illusion, evermore.

Chaos + Change = Opportunity

Take time, explore the realms within...
Be the support you need....
Challenges are chances, not obstacles....

Choices are abundant if only
we open our eyes and minds....
There is strength in adversity.....
clarity in death of old agreements....

If something has outlived its use,
it is not a negative to lose it on our way;
it's far better than losing our way while
trying to carry it forward.

Loneliness is motivation to find 
your passion, your calling, your voice
which will fulfill you always
if you feed and care for it.

Life is a continuous flow of ups 
and downs.
This is neither curse nor confusing;
it simply 'is.'
Breathe in the experience.....
one moment at a time....

Monday, August 16, 2010

'Alone' is not a 4-letter word

Is it possible to have 'healthy relationships' with only a partial reveal?

Personally, I need full freedom to commit to my vision, which does
ensure that most will not be interested in participating. Who has time
to fool with endeavoring to know humans if they are constantly
withdrawing, avoiding, feeling discomfort, deciding they can't commit?

It seems far more advantageous to eliminate the desire for company.
Our circuit boards can be rewritten at any time.

If I need hide myself to gain 'acceptance', is the trade-off not more
detrimental than the implied gain?

Many say "That's just the nature of our world; you share pieces of
yourself in different times, with different people. It's the way it's done."

It isn't the healthy way. Compartmentalizing and repressing and playing
roulette with what aspects get face time and when is far too soul-consuming
for my tastes. I'd rather devote myself to being deliriously happy with
who I am internally, and detach from the false supports of fickle and
feigning souls who would take their unhappiness out on me.

If everyone is dissatisfied with where their relationships are at (and if
we're honest, that's most) but willing to endure them just to avoid
being alone....what does that say about us? Hope is a commodity with
a short shelf-life.

We settle, when we try and belong to others. It's an illusion at best anyway.

The only investment of value I have is my one constant and dependable
companion. Self. It's high time I became dedicated to his needs, instead
of waiting for others to provide for me.

I will be 100% fully me, to all people at all times. Then people know what
they're getting up front. If not interested; no harm. Keep looking. I've already
got all my needs met. The view of society on a person who does not need them
is also of no consequence.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to be Tanya Davis & Andrea Dorfman

Changing my inner thought, one hour at a time....

.Here is an amazing film by Tanya Davis and Andrea Dorfman.

Some brilliant and inspiring ideas on being alone, loneliness,
making the most of time, healing the past, being secure and being
human. Truly beautiful.
Really for everyone, but single people in particular (like moi) will
especially find their voice represented. Enjoy.

Today is a good day to live, because I decide for it to be...


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paradigm Shift

I am worthy...I do not depend on the feedback of others
I do not shrink from criticism....I am whole.

I am capable....I will not fold despite initial stumblings...
I hold strong....I get up again.

I am beautiful....precisely because of my difference....
I am not intended to be a mirror for anyone else.

My wants are valid, no matter if anyone respects
or understands them.

I am no longer a child...I do not have to indulge the
outdated reactionary emotions of jealousy, defensiveness,
drama, hurt feelings.

My energy is precious and limited; I will give it only to
positive endeavors, not lies. Reliving the past, fantasy,
lust, drama, assumptions, gossip, condemning self are
all lies.

I recognize my responsibility for the course of the day;
I will govern my thoughts, my attitude, my focus, my
actions accordingly. Intention forms the reality.

Assumptions are not my friend. Just because I jump
to a conclusion doesn't make it so. Am I open to a new
possibility? Or am I stuck in my old tapes?

If I need something, I must speak up. Let me break
old self-destructive patterns of being silent about my
needs, then pouting because no one reads my mind
and meets them.

Adult. Responsibility. Risk. Ask. Welcome
the reality. 

Maybe getting our needs met scares us more than
the comfortable hurt feelings of assuming we are being

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Nation of Care-Takers

We're all on our own, babe!

We learn to care for, respect, and defend
the needs and wants of everyone else at an early age.

Parents, family, school, religion, neighborhoods,
friends, police, government, country, and more
are promoted as needing to be feared and followed.

When are we trained how to respect ourselves, our point of view
as individuals...or even to truly
discover what it is? Who teaches us to be concerned
for our welfare? No one. We are in charge of this task alone.

Rebelliousness and defiance are not the same as pursuing
appreciation of self.  Selfishness and self-interest are not
negative components; they are necessary for survival.
Like all things, they can be taken to an extreme.

Learning to love and accept ourselves means actively
changing thought and action. It takes time. Are we willing
to devote our energies to speaking kindly to ourselves? 
In understanding why we get agitated
by other people's criticism? In finding a way to move beyond fear?

Can we come up with positive reinforcements to fill our
head with in place of the old agreements?
Do we keep in contact with supportive, encouraging
Do we read and listen to materials that help us explore?

Awareness is pursued.....Challenge Old Thoughts....
Manifest New Intention.....and Go into Action.

Our world is carefully crafted by the thoughts we hold true.
What will you tell yourself today?