Monday, September 13, 2010

Leaps of Faith

As we are willing to explore and discover who we are
as individuals, the act of exploring as well as the results may
become unpalatable for those people in our lives. We may
find conflict emerging as there is external resistance to change
occurring in the familiar and expected.

Human beings have enough difficulty with changes to the
status quo that they have a hand in facilitating. When the
alteration is unexpected, they are even more disturbed.

It's hard to replace a comfortable, familiar known--even if it
is no longer working for us--with an unknown of possibilities
and dreams. No matter how fervently we are working towards a goal, the
idea of being on a journey and not being at a destination is one that is
anathema to most Americans. We are taught to want solid, dependable
fare. To have proper funds, etc

It takes courage, vision, insight, and a lot of faith in self to venture into
a new life, particularly if we're trailblazing into the unknown or the unpopular.
Think of how the first settlers must have felt, heading off into the West with
no idea of what was there. Imagining, hoping, praying, but having nothing more to rely
on than rumor, gut instinct, and desire.

There will be resistance
There will be discord. Jealousy  people taking it personally-rejection

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