Thursday, January 26, 2012

"What The Bleep Do We Know?"

This is a tremendous movie, and this scene (as the poster suggests) is
a great one, dealing with body image and what we allow to comprise
our outlook on self. Great stuff.

Ignore the subtitles; they aren't relevant to the story.

This movie is worth checking out; it's all about expanding consciousness
and questioning the world around and within us. Lots of great scientists
and free-thinkers took part in it. Check for it at your library or cheaply
on ebay, amazon, etc.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

One Republic - "Good Life"

Sometimes when the darkness beckons, the pull is strong and the
encouragement to defend against it is weak. Now is such a time.

I feel deflated and demoralized.
People are a disappointment.
Love is an illusion.
Life is drudgery.

But just for a minute, I'd like to believe in something 'more.'
Possibility. Better days.

So I turn to music, and at least for a moment, can imagine.
Believe. Hope. Release.
Let's call it a last ditch effort. Hike!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Will Be Done





Monday, January 16, 2012

Right Here, Right Now

In this moment, I can decide to be happy.

In this moment, I know that nothing is
important and has power over me, unless
I decide that it is, and it can.

If this is all that there is, I allow it to be enough.

I have the ability to make things nicer
where I am at right now, no matter how
temporary or difficult present circumstances are.

I pledge to Live my Life, active and present.

I cease giving energy and time to drains of
conflict and anger. I am still able to fight
when necessary, but I do not seek additional!

I will protect what is mine, and what is important
to me. I will not be a victim.

I can make the best of all that is, and still
work towards further goals. I can make
peace without accommodating.

Life is determined by my decisions and spirit.
No one can take that from me.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Onward, Upward

All of us, at one point in our existences (if not more often!)
encounter a heartbreak--or betrayal of trust and faith--that
seems destined to ruin drain us of all possibility of
ever being upright again.

That's the nature of harm and hurt. So visceral, so all-encompassing,
it's difficult to see around or through the obscuring projection that
snarls us. We have vision and comprehension that is a victim of
temporary insanity; everything is tainted by the cruelties suffered,
and we can imagine little else.

This is an instance where time does indeed assist us, although
complete healing is a myth. We are forever transformed and altered
by every experience we endure. For good or for bad, we evolve.

We've all broken down and cried in the shower.
We've all sobbed and railed against the prospect of never knowing love.
We've all questioned our worth because rejection so mightily leveled us.
We've all sworn off love to protect our wounded heart.
We've all been obsessed with lashing out, lest we suffer alone.
We've all felt like the single solitary person so completely broken.

But all of this is infection of the heart and mind.

Allow it to be, keep perspective, and heal yourself.
We are never as unique as we imagine.
There's so much more to come on the journey.
You deserve to go the distance.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Me and My Shadows

Life is built upon a system of flawed humans
(and their precepts and orders)
who engage in dualities, dysfunction, danger,
dichotomies, darkness, disengenuousness,
and diseased thinking.

Just acknowledging this reality is insufficient.
The shadows aren't burned off by exposing
them to light or truth. They have a stranglehold
on the people of this planet. The existing system
must feed itself to continue itself and the fear of
losing place upon the ride is critical to many.

If you relax your guard to attempt a new way,
you may be obliterated by the status quo.
Since this life is all we have, that creates a
conflict of gargantuan proportion for those
who struggle with the chains of perceived
'good and evil.'

Break free from the fairy tale; there is only
survival and death. Your actions determine
which fate you will incur. Your lack of action
determines it, too. The powers that be would
convince you otherwise; demure you and
domesticate you so that they can continue
unabated in their conquests.

Shine light on the reality.