Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shamelessness & Self Promotion (Good things!)

Today I will focus on the blessings and positive
things in my life and the world around me.

I will not listen to television news or radio
reports of gossip, dread, bad news, fretting,
or fearfulness.

I will speak no ill of another human being;
not to their face, behind their back, or even
in my own head.

I will smile despite disappointment. I will not
allow circumstance the power to dictate my mood.

I will show the real me in my actions.
I am NOT: jealousy, nor anger, nor resentment,
nor sarcasm. These are only surface level responses
I use to disguise pain and create distance.

I will choose to tell myself:
"I love you."
"I am worthwhile."
"I deserve to be happy."
(Even if I do not fully believe these things, nor feel
comfortable saying them, I will indulge. My welfare
is worth a little discomfort.)

I will seek out someone compassionate to talk to
when I need to get some encouragement.

I will concern myself with others' needs, and
ignore my woundedness, hopelessness, and skewed
perception of the world being pointless. Nothing could
be more pointless than continuing to feel sorry for
myself and refusing to do something to positively change
the world around me.

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