Sunday, September 12, 2010

Working through Conflict/Difficult Situations...Reminders

It's not all about me



What they do and say is not my concern; what I do and say is.
I cannot be a sponge for my environment

I could be wrong, too.

Maybe I just can't stand to be criticized. Or controlled. Or told what to do.
Or corrected. Or spoken down to. Or not have my genius recognized
etc etc. Let it be. It isn't my they run their
business isn't my business.

Stop creating drama. Their being crazy doesn't require my stamp or approval
or commentary It has nothing to do with me

If the drama of the present is tapping into something deeper, that's my issue to work out independently

Who am I to judge?

Who gives a flip?


Let it be

It's okay just the way it is


If I don't show a different way, how will they ever know it?

How much do you really believe in the principles you proclaim if they
shift or are weakened at the introduction of something different? This
is what strength of character is all about. This IS the work.

Carry these principles into all our affairs

Some can find fault in everything, but it takes a good and
loving heart to find goodness, especially when it is less than
obvious. Mercy, bless me with gentleness and patience and
the determination not to complain.

There is much wisdom in knowing what to overlook. Peace,
may I take every opportunity to praise and choose carefully
when I feel the need to criticize.

We must be careful not to drift into worry, remorse, or morbid
reflection, for that would diminish our usefulness to ourselves and to
(As Bill Sees It)

Meditation For The Day (24 Hours a Day)
Be calm, be true, and be quiet. Do not get emotionally upset by anything
that happens around you. Feel a deep, inner security in the goodness and
purpose in the universe. Be true to your highest ideals. Do not let
yourself slip back into the old ways of reacting. Stick to your spiritual
guns. Be calm always. Do not talk back or defend yourself too much
against accusation, whether false or true. Accept criticism as well as you
accept praise.

Prayer For The Day:
I pray that I may not be upset by the judgment of others.

I do not have to react to others

I do not have to say everything that comes to mind

I cannot change others' it is not my job to try

It doesn't matter in the scheme of things

My thoughts and feelings are very insignificant

I could be wrong

External things do not have control over me

I am free to walk away

I have options

Adversity is not the end of my world

This is nothing much in the scheme of things

Conflict is a normal part of life

My reaction has to do with my emotional state/vulnerability; other people are not responsible for that

Take a giant step--or two--back

Wait to speak

Be the bigger person

Be the kind of person I want to be; do not be affected by the other person
s state of mind/energy

Focus on good things; stay disconnected from the insanity


Realize how very little time you are having to endure something (comparatively)

This, too, shall pass

Hardships are an opportunity to grow mentally, spiritually,

It's just a's just a's just a thing; it isn't the whole of reality. It isn't my world. It doesn't have to be.

Think good thoughts (Sound of music)

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