Monday, September 13, 2010

Balance: Not Throwing The Baby Out

Self-will, thoughts, feelings...
They are the same as
money, weapons, or pride.....
They have no intrinsic morality.
They are neutral essences.

They have the capacity to be
misused...but they can be used
for good or ill. 

They are not
to be feared or avoided...
it's simply a matter
of choosing and using

Self-will, ego, and pride
are much maligned...
but they are necessary
components of every life.

Yes, taken to extremes,
they damage (like
most everything.)

But at their root,
we need these things for our

To care for self, to want to thrive,
to push on, to fight for yours,
to care deeply and passionately...
these are the very
blood of life.

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