Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today is 100% choices.

I choose to groan or be grateful when I come to

I choose whether or not to get out of bed.

I choose my attitude and focus for the day.

Circumstance cannot command our mindset or
spiritual devotion; if it does, we are lost. (But we can
always re-center and re-start!)

Today I choose to act as if I have good sense. It
doesn't have to be the case; I am just going to pretend
until some good sense pops up!

If I am confused about morality, I will ask myself if
my grandmother would be proud watching down on me
as I do or say or think something.

If I am baffled or find a situation mysterious, I will
ask myself "Would I do or say this if I were being video-
taped or audio recorded?"

When I find myself frustrated with people closest to me,
I will ask "How would I treat a potential new employer,
a new romantic interest, or someone else I wish to impress?"
Then I'll act accordingly with what's right, not what's
habit or convenient.

I will not worry about how other people interpret any part of
my living, so long as I am right within myself and with God.
This does not mean being closed off to or rude regarding
people's sensitivities; I simply will not be swayed to do the
wrong thing by peer pressure.

If I feel the need to speak ill (or in any way be hostile, rude,
dismissive, condescending, etc.) let me first remember what
it felt like to be treated in such a manner. (And always
understand that cruelty is always seemingly able to be
rationalized, but it is never justified.)

I choose to not speak every thought that comes into my head.
I don't know everything, my opinion is not always right, I
do not need to be involved in everything that goes on, and
furthermore--nobody gives a damn.

If I know something about someone, I can keep it to myself.
if they wish to advertise, it's their business. It is never mine.
If others begin to speak of those not present, I can excuse
myself or simply say "I don't wish to participate." What other
people's response is isn't my concern.


Each and every one shapes the entire fabric of my day.
Each one brings about a reality that bounces me onto the
next mood, decision, reaction, situation, etc. If I choose
carefully, I can be either close or far from goodness, mercy,
light, grace, hope, and faith. The power to choose--or change
directions--is at my disposal at every moment of every day.

Instead of assuming a negative outcome, or fretting over a
dark past, let me transform this moment now with love.
What's the worst that could happen?
Where has all the negativity gotten me?
What has all the complaining accomplished?

Live as if every decision could be the last one you are judged by;
it very well could be.

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