Saturday, July 14, 2012

Whose Reality is Real?

Same view; Very Different Interpretations!
There is a difference between those who are 'sane' and those who are 'crazy.'

'Crazy' admits there's a problem.
Crazy shows warts and all.
Crazy asks questions.
Crazy calls a spade a 'spade.'
Crazy stands up for themselves, even when it avails them nothing.
Crazy owns up to the violent thoughts we all have.
   (And then feels guilty about them!)
Crazy wears their hearts on their sleeves.
Crazy people question their own sanity, and thus open themselves to
   other people's input on it.
Crazy identifies and announces their own inconsistencies and fears.

'Sane' people have learned to say one thing, yet do another.
Sane manipulates and cheats and plays the game.
Sane worries about the bottom line, not the method.
Sane makes the rules in public and ignore them in private.
Sane embraces schizoid and duplicitous unhealthy living.
Sane forges ahead, never hesitating, never concerned.
Sane shows no concern or need.
Sane plays the game but refuses to acknowledge the game.

We're all crazy; to exist in this world is to be subject to the
most dire and taxing of psychological, physical, emotional, and
spiritual harangue; it would be crazy if we didn't break and rend
under the pressure.

But our society--our world--is based on pretense of honor and being
'civilized'; in order to gain favor you must maintain the illusion of being
stalwart, upright mankind....while secretly waging war as beasts, seeking
to win at all costs.

Those deemed 'crazy' are the ones who allow themselves to be
identified by others...who are sensitive to the world's bullshit...who refuse
to play the game and act as if nothing is wrong. We know that things
are far from right, and we won't stay silent.

If you can pull it off, you get to claim pretend sanity.
If you fail, drawing attention to the conflict and wanting to end the
charade, you get labeled and pigeon-holed by those who run things.

The asylums, prisons, graveyards, and streets are filled with
people who know and speak the Truth. Despite the ramifications.


Erasing 'Comfort Zones'

Never Forget

Thursday, July 12, 2012

On The Flip Side

I used to believe I was being targeted for attack because
I was especially vulnerable--weak, soft, an outsider, apart
from the herd, easy target.

There's something about a professional victim that makes
everyone want to harness all their fury and and continue
the habitual assault. A vibe they give off, the desperation
and accessibility; a sad, wounded-animal look in their eyes.

Sometimes you turn a corner and new information can
surprise you, though.

Well, revelations surprise you. The info isn't new, it's just
new to you!

Now I know the true reason people targeted me (in addition
to the human race being filled with unrepentant asses, of

I know the reason that people were especially malicious,
engaging in acrimonious assaults, going out of their way to
harm or ridicule me, ganging up on me...especially determined
to assassinate my character, draw me into fights, bring me low,
attempt to destroy self worth and financial stability.

These things happened, they happened often, and they
happened more than the average person seems to encounter.
But they didn't happen because I am weak; I was targeted
exactly because I am strong.

Folks spotted the energy in me and saw it as threat; they
sought to destroy a figure they feared before I knew what
was in me and had tapped into it. They saw my aimlessness and
lack of faith and they sought to take advantage of that before
I became who they feared me to be. They were right to be

There is a beast of freedom within me, a rapturous demon
seed whose hunger won't be quelled.

Not by any thoughtless drones, or secretive, pious, bitchy,
dichotomous windbags.....not by the disingenuous and huddled
masses of the insecure and the subservient....not by coordinated
attacks of the well-groomed and well-connected.

I am whole, and beautiful in my frightening splendidness.
They cannot affect or influence me or threaten me any longer.
I cannot be controlled.

I am no longer unaware of the power within me, and I know
now that being conscious and embracing this power will only
increase the pointless onslaught of nay-sayers, haters, cajolers,
and assailants. They will be more organized and more determined
and more ferocious, thinking that their unification and self-righteous-
ness will give them favor. It won't.

I am an unstoppable juggernaut, and I have not yet begun to fight.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Owning It, Warts and All

It doesn't matter how many people are involved
in dismissing me or violating me or
condemning me or cock-blocking me....

It doesn't matter how many apply a double standard
against me, indiscriminately lie about me, sabotaging
my efforts intentionally, remaining wrapped up in their
imbalance and misperceptions and inability to understand.

I will NOT accept their falsehoods.

I will not bow down.

I will not break.

This is a path..I must stay on it, never veering,
never weakening,
never doubting.
(Coming back to center when I do!)

There is no backtracking from this position.

I don't live for anyone else.

There is no averting of my gaze.

No surrendering of my desire.

No quieting my objections to accommodate others
or avoid dissent
or to escape criticism
or out of fear of retaliation.
(I ground myself in these promises every day,
fighting back constantly against the forces that
threaten my well-being.)

I am wholly, holy, me, without regard for Other.

That is not contempt; It is my gift to myself,
and a rational response to a world of conflict,
turmoil, and obstacles

No embarrassment,
no self-consciousness,
no hesitation...

I am free and full and confident and non-plussed...
I will be myself..come what may.

I will not be defined by my mental,
physical, and emotional difficulties,
nor will I deny or be ashamed of them.

My empowerment is as unique as the person I am.


("Ain't nothing gonna to break my stride,
nobody's gonna slow me down, oh-no..
I got to keep on movin'!")
     -  Matthew Wilder, "Break My Stride"