Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Portioning, Not Procrastinating

Good morning all!

Hope everyone has a lovely Hump Day;
being 'in the middle of something' can be
a grand thing!

May you have greater strength than
you realize, deeper love than you think,
and more patience than you imagine...
just for today.

Much love,


If I don't take care of messes immediately,
they tend to become worse. And when I do get
around to addressing them, they are more difficult
to rectify than if I had knocked them out right away.

Think of dirty dishes left in the sink....
a spill that dries on the carpet...
a tear in clothing that gets larger....
a stain that sets in.

The same is true for life problems.

Hurt feelings that are not addressed...
relationship matters ignored....
job conflicts or complaints simmering....
unhappiness with a living situation...

If I leave alone some issue that is
vexing me and needing my attentions,
the tendency is that it grows worse.
Even if the problem is merely that my
emotional state of distress in dreading
the problem increases, that is a significant
(and avoidable) matter.

Instead of allowing uncomfortable situations
or pressing issues to fester, I can do some
damage control. Some problem-solving is better
than none.

It may be advantageous to look at an issue
in terms of small steps or segments; what one
thing can I do to start with? Portion it out.

If I have a health issue I have been avoiding,
maybe I need to start by addressing what's
scaring me. I can talk to a friend about my fears,
or I can set up an appointment with a doctor
for a consult, or I can do online research to
alleviate concerns.

The point is that we can always do something,
and it needn't be an absolute solve of the issue.
We can break it down into manageable chunks
instead of being Supermen and Wonder Women
and trying to 'fix' everything in one fell swoop.

When I used to clean very poorly managed homes
and businesses, the crew would start complaining
and feeling overwhelmed about taking in the entire
property and how god-awful the task was.

I would simply say to them, "Just pick someplace,
and start."

Procrastination can make any problem seem
larger or more formidable. If we only had more
confidence in ourselves, our abilities, the universe.....

A house won't clean itself. Despairing over its
filth doesn't help. We just pick a room, pick
a job, pick a corner...and start.

Like the song says; "Get to the point;
Begin to begin."

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