Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meditations for Balancing Independence/Not Codependence

* Establishing boundaries doesn't involve
bashing others.

* Be kind. To yourself and others.

* There's no need to 'lose your mind' and
walk away over one thing.

* Don't throw the baby out with the
bath water.

* Remember that there were reasons you
grew to love someone.

* Don't dwell entirely on negatives; don't
ignore real issues, either.

* Take the good with the bad.

* Cease fighting; let it be. I don't have to
own or internalize conflict.

* A resentment only has the power over me
I choose to allow it to.

* Don't respond in anger; nothing good comes
from it.

* Hold a volatile reaction in check; count to 10
or walk away.

* Resist the urge to say EVERYthing you feel;
overly gushing or overly critical.

* It isn't a requirement that I understand

* It isn't a requirement that I make anyone
understand anything.

* Be less sensitive. There's more to the world
than how I feel about something.

* It's just another person's opinion, It doesn't
control me in any way.

* I am in charge of my life; how I feel, how I
respond, whom I interact with.

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