Friday, June 11, 2010

June 11: Time to change?

Good morning, family.

How would you live if you knew up front
that today was your last day?

Would that argument be as important?

Would you move past discomfort and hug a neck?

Could you find the courage to stand up for yourself?

I hope for all of us the strength to choose today
every good and powerful choice for a better life..
no matter how long it is.

Much love,


Sometimes we have a favorite pair of good quality
shoes. They fit just right, they're comfortable, we
love the way they look on us, they were a serious
value, they offer perfect support, and they have
done a great job carrying us on our journey.

But sometimes we outgrow things; they don't fit as
well when we stretch and grow in different ways.
Maybe our needs are different.

As a friend says; "Don't cry because it's over; smile
because it happened."

When an old idea or belief, a hobby, a place, or
even a person is no longer working out in the scheme
of their original purpose and value, that's just life.
It doesn't devalue what was provided. But sometimes
we have to recognize that things change and stop
expecting the same good to come from what is now
an outdated source of support and comfort.

It's just the nature of life. If you keep wearing a pair
of old shoes that have been worn down, you can actually
do more harm than good. What's the definition of insanity?

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