Sunday, June 27, 2010


Good Morning, everyone.

Hope that everyone is clothed, fed, and
at least partially in their right mind today!

Make the most of it today. Remember;
it could all be gone in a moment.
We can be happy with what presents itself,
if we choose.




The world may be brutal and unrelenting,
allowing a concept like honesty to be used
sparingly due to survival needs. (You would
not, after all, be completely honest with
co-workers, bosses, neighbors, etc. lest
there be trouble! Not everything is every one's

Even in friendships and romance, there are
levels and degrees of honesty and sharing,
as well as appropriate timing and delivery.

But the one place we can't skimp on honesty
is within. If I am willing to lie to myself, it
makes everything harder.

I have some areas where I convinced myself
that my actions were related to survival, even
long after inappropriateness had served its
purpose. Facing that I knew better--and needed
simply to grow up and start getting healthier
about old behaviors--was more of a laziness factor
than an avoidance factor.

But there are things, like my ongoing willingness
to isolate, detach, blame, give up, refuse help,
avoid risk, be attracted to unavailable people,
not care for self, and more....these things I still
avoid looking at because the pain of what caused
them seems too great. I fear letting loose a tiger
that can't be caged.

But being honest and admitting a problem is only
the first step. The action that is taken to face
and overcome old habits is long and difficult. It
is easier to stay in contented misery than venture
into unknown territory. It's scary, the prospect of
discovering a new and unfamiliar me.

But the bottom line is that my life can only improve
by facing what really is. Pretending and avoiding
are not adult coping mechanisms. Truth is brutal
sometimes, but it will truly set us free.

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