Thursday, June 10, 2010

Electronic Shackles; Do you 'facebook' more than you tend to your wife?

Good Morning, Family....
shake off the dew and embrace the miracle
of another chance to get it right!
Another day of learning...choices and
decisions that we're able to make.

The other day I heard of a grown man who
said he could not be in a house where there
was no television to watch! It magnified the
dependence so many of us have with keeping
noise in our lives 24/7!

I have been to houses where the television is
blaring so loud that you cannot hear the people.
Their solution is to scream louder; no one considers
turning down the volume on the sacred boob tube
(or, goodness forbid; turning it OFF!)

Many people keep themselves constantly bombarded
by the noise and messages of talking heads, music, news,
gossip, videos, games, etc from a variety of sources.
But it's healthy to be alone with yourself, your thoughts--
communing with something greater. Quiet is good.

It's vitally important to shut off the world--and even the
voices of the people we love-- and have some time for
ourselves and soul-searching in the day. Meditation, prayer,
insight, communing with nature, contact with our source;
all needed to counter the constant influx of outside ideas.

With the electronic overload, we're 'in touch' anytime,
anywhere. We get consumed by the convenience and habit,
and forget an old adage; Just because we CAN do
something doesn't mean we NEED to be doing something.

How important are all those text messages?
Cel phone calls?
Facebook posts?
Are we spending too much time doing what everyone else is
doing, and losing track of what might be more important?
Are we blindly reacting instead of actively determining how to fill our day?

Do we ignore the live human beings in front of us for the 'demands'
of an incoming text message or call? Are we even remotely aware
of the lack of social graces involved in ignoring a guest? (Um, brain
surgeons 'on call' are immune to those standards!)

Are we taking the time to consider the impact of our words in our
correspondence...or is the electronic separation from direct contact
making it easy to ignore feelings? Forget that our virtual contact has
real-world consequences?

Escapism can become its own lifestyle. Hypnotic. Addictive.
TV Dramas amp us up. The news depresses. Pointless info,
gossip, dread, bad all gets entered into the gray matter.
It has an impact. We carry it around with us--are influenced by it.

If the news makes you angry...consider not watching it.
No law says you have to. If you can't find good music on the
radio, listen to your own stuff. If you're feeling stressed and
overwhelmed, pay attention, and listen or watch something
soothing and comforting. Or, consider unplugging it all....and
finding another method to help calm and cope.

If we're not careful, machines will govern our actions,
instead of us governing theirs.

Just saying....
Much love, Roberto

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