Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peace Staggers Slowly Across A Dirty Dance Floor

Good Morning!


Today, let me choose to not dwell on
my 'problems'--the invariable occurrence
of challenges and undesirable trials.

Let me instead consider my options,
which are always available to me when I
open myself up and change perspective.

Often times, my frustration is that I am
not experiencing total freedom over my
day and my life. What person does?
Is that frustration not partially a result of
unrealistic expectations?

Can't I choose to work on my gratitude,
rather than bemoaning an intolerable
situation? Haven't I the freedom and option
to change things in my life--but choose
not to due to fear, comfort, or other factors
that are uncomfortable to face?

I have made a career of playing victim, martyr,
critic, and cynic. I have nothing to show for it.
Yet and still, I am resistant to becoming
something greater, something new.

My desire for familiarity (and the illusion of security)
has a stranglehold on me, but it has nothing to do
with loneliness, restlessness, career frustration, my
responsibilities wearing me down, or anything else.

Or maybe my sense of comfort and routine is
precisely to blame. How willing am I to let go of
the old so I may embrace the new?

I recall a fable about a fox and a crow....

Peace, Robert

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