Monday, February 28, 2011

Who Will I Be?

May I stop taking the easy way out

and engaging in conflicts

with those who have 'hurt' me... while still being kind

and loving to strangers.

Kindness matters most when it is given freely to those

who need it--and for whom it is most difficult to give it to.

Love is either free...

or it is quite costly.

Blocking the flow of love does not only hurt another,

it wounds us too.

I choose to risk being a fool....

I choose to take a chance...

I choose to stretch my comfort zone....

I choose to give love from me,

regardless of whether it is given in return.

Instead of seeking to find refuge from all conflict,

let me work on having a heart and a center

that is free of conflicted thinking.

There is no room in my day for 'adversaries'

or nursing hurts from the past.

Words alone do not erase my wounded soul;

I must actively engage in that which I fear.

Let no person stand outside the perimeter of my love.


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