Monday, March 7, 2011

Message from a friend

A friend sent this to me, in regards
to listing one's own realizations at
this point on the journey.

I found it pretty phenomenal and
genuine, and of course related to
most everything.

So brilliant, I just had to share!

I am sure that I over-complicate

I am sure that I have been almost exclusively governed
by fear, with few exceptions

I am sure that near all of my fear is irrational,
unnecessary, and avoidable

I am sure that I have rarely ever been generally
content with my circumstances (even circumstances
I find acceptable later become unacceptable)

I am sure that my attitude is affected by what
I focus on

I am sure that happiness is a choice

I am sure that lasting happiness doesn't come idly

I am sure that I want to be happy

I am sure that I need people in my life

I am sure that I am happier when I have friends

I am sure that I am not so sure about my spirituality


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