Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What price a soul?

I now see the purpose in the deconstruction
of my life and 'identity' that I have been through
these last few years.

It has been an invaluable experience, to see the
loss of friends....
loss of standing...
loss of funds....
loss of mobility...
loss of esteem...
loss of security...
loss of family...
loss of job...
loss of vehicles....
loss of lovers.....
loss of awards....
loss of opportunites....
and to finally be brought so low that I was made
to see what could not have been shown with all
the riches of this world at my disposal;
That I AM whole and blessed by virtue of my
life and who I AM at the core of me.

I AM a King and Fully Realized as the intact
dreams, hopes, essence, choices of this moment
now. I AM not defined by any level of acceptance,
allowance, or accolades provided by another.

I AM a seamless blending of mind, body, spirit, emotion
and connection to universal consciousness. None can
fill my place, none may take my worth, none may steal
my Joy.

I AM not identified by any external restraints.
I AM blessed if no one pays respect or sings my praises
but me. I AM not interested in nor distracted by the false
idols of material world supports and markers.

The fading and undependable constraints of
popularity, acclaim, possessions, titles, and other
false basis for security are no longer appealing to me.

I AM becoming. I AM not static.
I AM assured by my understanding and my vision.
I AM procured riches by confidence of value,
intrinsic and immutable.

My peace comes from disassociation with the false
importance of the deluded world and accepting my
capabilities as designer of my own reality.

I AM no longer reactive, nor strengthened by an
idea of significance precipitated by external influence.
I AM complete unto myself; all that I need is within.


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