Monday, February 7, 2011

NAME it and CLAIM it

Do you ping-pong off whatever life throws
at you, or do you deliberately and diligently
choose what you wish to fill your day with?

Do you know the power of deciding for your
own self what is good and desired, and set
forth to bring it about?

Do you know how to let go of the past and
move on in confidence, glory, and acceptance
of every good and deserved thing coming to pass?

Have you discovered the ultimate awesome
power of your own mind and heart in bringing
about all miracles you wish to occur?

First we have to decide our worth; knowing that
we are perfect and unique, blessed children of
a loving universe. We are purpose-filled and
meaningful, and the only reason we have not
reached our state of light and value is that we have
neglected ourselves.

The power is within. Each of us is connected to
the perfect universal energy of creation by virtue
of having been born and being a special individual
that will never be duplicated.

Do we curse our seeming failures, or praise our

Do we bemoan the past and hurt, or do we work
towards true happiness and contentment?

The choice is available to us, though our minds are
filled with tricks and lies of habit that tell us otherwise.

Which voice will you listen to today?

Will you Name your greatness and Claim your
victory, or will you wallow in defeat of your own

There is no circumstance that can keep us from
a joyous existence.



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