Monday, February 7, 2011

True Equality

Each of us has something to offer
the world, even if it hasn't yet been

If I ever imagine another person to
be less than myself, I am the one
who is disconnected from the
light of Inner Consciousness. I am
cursing both that blessed soul and
myself with my condemnation.

My not seeing another's value does
not mean it doesn't exist; it makes
me limited in vision. It is never my
place or business to evaluate another.

Each of us has a different path to
walk, a different way of connecting
to the Spirit, a different way of
expressing ourselves, a different
voice to offer, a different vision
to follow, and a different way of
interpreting the world.

Different has never been a bad thing,
but 'different' seems to always get
translated into 'strange' and then
'bad' because anything that takes us
from the comfortable mirror of our
own reflection seems to wreak havoc
with our security needs.

It's all good. I need not seek so much
to understand as to accept. I need not
so much seek to be understood, but
to embrace self.

When I am at peace with the Spirit within,
I find no problem with another. When I do
the work on self that needs addressing,
my need to change or worry over others

I am one with the universe, and so are all
my brothers and sisters. Differences don't
change that; they enhance it.


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