Monday, February 7, 2011

The Light Within

The light of the world is never
vanquished; it is always lit and
within you.

You may have been told

You may have believed otherwise...

You may have busied yourself
searching every external spot or
thing on the planet for the answer
(and, as the poem says, found
yourself right back where you

You may have turned away from the light....

You may have allowed yo0ur concept of
the flame to become extinguished....

You may feel defeated and hopeless and
disconnected and wayward and blue.....
but it is still wonderfully bright and true,
deep within you, always.

The light is within.....

Stop searching....
Stop struggling....
Stop denying....
Stop avoiding....

Allow the light to be part of every choice you make.

Know you are a part of the Universe in a special
way that no one else can match, and no one else
can remove.

"The darkness has a call that's insatiable,
and the lightness has a call that's hard to hear."
(-Indigo Girls)

Work hard to hear and see the spirit within.....
and know it is there whenever you are ready to
embrace the greatness in your life today. It has
never left you.


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