Monday, February 7, 2011

The Power of the Past

Many of us struggle with a dark past
that seems to prevent us from knowing
peace in the present. But this is a lie
of the mind and heart, conditioned to
be weak and subjective.

Bad things happen. Whether we grow
stronger from it or recoil and become
weakened is, at some point, a personal
choice we make.

What has happened cannot be changed;
how we deal with the aftermath is the key,
crucial matter which determines our life.

Detach from the emotion of hurt.
Experiences simply 'are'; life has no point
to its occurrences outside of what we attach
to it. We are responsible for the emotional
shackles that keep us from moving beyond
perceived hurt and pain.

We develop an emotional bonding in
regards to certain events, people, things.
Then we re-live and strengthen that bond by
playing over and over what has happened,
re-experiencing the emotional upset again
and again.

We label ourselves victims, we see the world as
a dangerous place, we see our lot in life as being]
someone who receives--or even deserves--
punishment and pain. But these are all incorrect
assessments that the mind attributes as fact
because there is no advocate telling us otherwise.

Become an advocate today.  See your story
for what it is. Choose to relinquish your
attachment to the past, your idea of what your
worth is, your anger over assumptions of what
life is about, your frustration at how much you
perceive as 'bad.'

Start looking at and for the good in your life and
the world. See the correlation between thought
and action, attitude and consequence, desire and
fruition. See the part we play in the universal play;
we are not weak in the least....our energies are
simply misdirected and underutilized.

Break free from the past and see the power of
the present moment now.

If you dare.

Start by accepting that you are loved, blessed, whole,
perfect, and simply don't know it yet.


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