Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alan Cohen Daily Meditation February 8

February 8

I’ll Be Your Rock
"A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece
of nature."

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

The acclaimed motion picture Field of Dreams touched the hearts of
millions and was nominated for an Academy Award as best picture of the
year. Actor Kevin Costner accepted the lead role in spite of a deluge
of criticism from his advisers, who warned him that he could damage
his image and career by making a “Care Bear" film. The sponsoring
studio also levied immense pressure against Costner and producer Phil
Robinson in an effort to add sex and violence to make the movie more
marketable. When Robinson was tempted to buckle, Costner urged him,
“Don’t give in, Phil? I’ll be your rock. ” Encouraged by Costner’s
support, Robinson held his ground, and the film went on to be a huge
success without exploitative elements.

Is anyone your “rock"? Have you acknowledged this person? Are you a
rock for another? What can you do to support someone who is being
challenged to hold to their vision?

The support of a friend during a time of adversity can make the
difference between success and failure, despair and triumph.
Encouragement and confidence are priceless spiritual gifts that can
change an entire life.

Give me the strength to be a rock to my friends.
Help me sustain the spirit of my loved ones and to be open
to receive their support.

Founded in Spirit, I can do all things
in the name of love.

This meditation is an excerpt from Alan Cohen's meditation book, A
Deep Breath of Life.

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