Monday, February 7, 2011

Armor or Sponge

Throughout the day, I come in contact
with all manner of people thinking all manner
of thought. They come from every possible
background in every mood imaginable.

I must have prepared myself to be
intact withing self, maintaining a protective
seal around me at all times that blocks the
negativity, criticism, nay-saying, doubting,
condemnations, depression, and despair
of those around me.

I can pay notice and be compassionate,
but the emotions themselves must remain
on the outside of my sphere of influence.

I cannot allow myself to absorb their
emotional state or be swayed by the power
or their spiritual crisis.

I keep my protective bubble in good working
order, and if I need to reinforce it or draw
attention to it, I do so. Keeping a sound
and secure buffer between myself--and the
manner and spirit of healthiness I wish to
maintain--and the outside world and its whims
is a full-time job.

I cannot afford to be a sponge for anyone
else's mess.

Today, I know my worth.

Today, I draw my every good.

Today, I focus on the positive and the

I am aware and in charge of what fills my mind,
my body, my spirit, and my life.


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