Monday, August 16, 2010

'Alone' is not a 4-letter word

Is it possible to have 'healthy relationships' with only a partial reveal?

Personally, I need full freedom to commit to my vision, which does
ensure that most will not be interested in participating. Who has time
to fool with endeavoring to know humans if they are constantly
withdrawing, avoiding, feeling discomfort, deciding they can't commit?

It seems far more advantageous to eliminate the desire for company.
Our circuit boards can be rewritten at any time.

If I need hide myself to gain 'acceptance', is the trade-off not more
detrimental than the implied gain?

Many say "That's just the nature of our world; you share pieces of
yourself in different times, with different people. It's the way it's done."

It isn't the healthy way. Compartmentalizing and repressing and playing
roulette with what aspects get face time and when is far too soul-consuming
for my tastes. I'd rather devote myself to being deliriously happy with
who I am internally, and detach from the false supports of fickle and
feigning souls who would take their unhappiness out on me.

If everyone is dissatisfied with where their relationships are at (and if
we're honest, that's most) but willing to endure them just to avoid
being alone....what does that say about us? Hope is a commodity with
a short shelf-life.

We settle, when we try and belong to others. It's an illusion at best anyway.

The only investment of value I have is my one constant and dependable
companion. Self. It's high time I became dedicated to his needs, instead
of waiting for others to provide for me.

I will be 100% fully me, to all people at all times. Then people know what
they're getting up front. If not interested; no harm. Keep looking. I've already
got all my needs met. The view of society on a person who does not need them
is also of no consequence.

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