Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Nation of Care-Takers

We're all on our own, babe!

We learn to care for, respect, and defend
the needs and wants of everyone else at an early age.

Parents, family, school, religion, neighborhoods,
friends, police, government, country, and more
are promoted as needing to be feared and followed.

When are we trained how to respect ourselves, our point of view
as individuals...or even to truly
discover what it is? Who teaches us to be concerned
for our welfare? No one. We are in charge of this task alone.

Rebelliousness and defiance are not the same as pursuing
appreciation of self.  Selfishness and self-interest are not
negative components; they are necessary for survival.
Like all things, they can be taken to an extreme.

Learning to love and accept ourselves means actively
changing thought and action. It takes time. Are we willing
to devote our energies to speaking kindly to ourselves? 
In understanding why we get agitated
by other people's criticism? In finding a way to move beyond fear?

Can we come up with positive reinforcements to fill our
head with in place of the old agreements?
Do we keep in contact with supportive, encouraging
Do we read and listen to materials that help us explore?

Awareness is pursued.....Challenge Old Thoughts....
Manifest New Intention.....and Go into Action.

Our world is carefully crafted by the thoughts we hold true.
What will you tell yourself today?


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