Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paradigm Shift

I am worthy...I do not depend on the feedback of others
I do not shrink from criticism....I am whole.

I am capable....I will not fold despite initial stumblings...
I hold strong....I get up again.

I am beautiful....precisely because of my difference....
I am not intended to be a mirror for anyone else.

My wants are valid, no matter if anyone respects
or understands them.

I am no longer a child...I do not have to indulge the
outdated reactionary emotions of jealousy, defensiveness,
drama, hurt feelings.

My energy is precious and limited; I will give it only to
positive endeavors, not lies. Reliving the past, fantasy,
lust, drama, assumptions, gossip, condemning self are
all lies.

I recognize my responsibility for the course of the day;
I will govern my thoughts, my attitude, my focus, my
actions accordingly. Intention forms the reality.

Assumptions are not my friend. Just because I jump
to a conclusion doesn't make it so. Am I open to a new
possibility? Or am I stuck in my old tapes?

If I need something, I must speak up. Let me break
old self-destructive patterns of being silent about my
needs, then pouting because no one reads my mind
and meets them.

Adult. Responsibility. Risk. Ask. Welcome
the reality. 

Maybe getting our needs met scares us more than
the comfortable hurt feelings of assuming we are being

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