Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Chance to Shine

Though we are connected,
we are at heart a Power of One

'Alone' is a blessing..
we see our path more clearly..
we recognize the strength within...
the artifice of pleasing others disappears
   from the landscape...

Less distractions lead to discovering
our true calling.
Whether we succeed or fail, there is
no one outside of us
that will ever care about it 

or be as deeply affected....
begone, illusion, evermore.

Chaos + Change = Opportunity

Take time, explore the realms within...
Be the support you need....
Challenges are chances, not obstacles....

Choices are abundant if only
we open our eyes and minds....
There is strength in adversity.....
clarity in death of old agreements....

If something has outlived its use,
it is not a negative to lose it on our way;
it's far better than losing our way while
trying to carry it forward.

Loneliness is motivation to find 
your passion, your calling, your voice
which will fulfill you always
if you feed and care for it.

Life is a continuous flow of ups 
and downs.
This is neither curse nor confusing;
it simply 'is.'
Breathe in the experience.....
one moment at a time....

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