Saturday, July 14, 2012

Whose Reality is Real?

Same view; Very Different Interpretations!
There is a difference between those who are 'sane' and those who are 'crazy.'

'Crazy' admits there's a problem.
Crazy shows warts and all.
Crazy asks questions.
Crazy calls a spade a 'spade.'
Crazy stands up for themselves, even when it avails them nothing.
Crazy owns up to the violent thoughts we all have.
   (And then feels guilty about them!)
Crazy wears their hearts on their sleeves.
Crazy people question their own sanity, and thus open themselves to
   other people's input on it.
Crazy identifies and announces their own inconsistencies and fears.

'Sane' people have learned to say one thing, yet do another.
Sane manipulates and cheats and plays the game.
Sane worries about the bottom line, not the method.
Sane makes the rules in public and ignore them in private.
Sane embraces schizoid and duplicitous unhealthy living.
Sane forges ahead, never hesitating, never concerned.
Sane shows no concern or need.
Sane plays the game but refuses to acknowledge the game.

We're all crazy; to exist in this world is to be subject to the
most dire and taxing of psychological, physical, emotional, and
spiritual harangue; it would be crazy if we didn't break and rend
under the pressure.

But our society--our world--is based on pretense of honor and being
'civilized'; in order to gain favor you must maintain the illusion of being
stalwart, upright mankind....while secretly waging war as beasts, seeking
to win at all costs.

Those deemed 'crazy' are the ones who allow themselves to be
identified by others...who are sensitive to the world's bullshit...who refuse
to play the game and act as if nothing is wrong. We know that things
are far from right, and we won't stay silent.

If you can pull it off, you get to claim pretend sanity.
If you fail, drawing attention to the conflict and wanting to end the
charade, you get labeled and pigeon-holed by those who run things.

The asylums, prisons, graveyards, and streets are filled with
people who know and speak the Truth. Despite the ramifications.


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