Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Owning It, Warts and All

It doesn't matter how many people are involved
in dismissing me or violating me or
condemning me or cock-blocking me....

It doesn't matter how many apply a double standard
against me, indiscriminately lie about me, sabotaging
my efforts intentionally, remaining wrapped up in their
imbalance and misperceptions and inability to understand.

I will NOT accept their falsehoods.

I will not bow down.

I will not break.

This is a path..I must stay on it, never veering,
never weakening,
never doubting.
(Coming back to center when I do!)

There is no backtracking from this position.

I don't live for anyone else.

There is no averting of my gaze.

No surrendering of my desire.

No quieting my objections to accommodate others
or avoid dissent
or to escape criticism
or out of fear of retaliation.
(I ground myself in these promises every day,
fighting back constantly against the forces that
threaten my well-being.)

I am wholly, holy, me, without regard for Other.

That is not contempt; It is my gift to myself,
and a rational response to a world of conflict,
turmoil, and obstacles

No embarrassment,
no self-consciousness,
no hesitation...

I am free and full and confident and non-plussed...
I will be myself..come what may.

I will not be defined by my mental,
physical, and emotional difficulties,
nor will I deny or be ashamed of them.

My empowerment is as unique as the person I am.


("Ain't nothing gonna to break my stride,
nobody's gonna slow me down, oh-no..
I got to keep on movin'!")
     -  Matthew Wilder, "Break My Stride"                                                                     


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