Friday, June 15, 2012

You Got to Keep it Separated

We all of us exist in a mutually-agreed upon
arrangement (even if tacitly so) with our
fellow humans, our fellow cities, states,
countries, etc.

There are certain foregone conclusions,
wrapped up in laws and precedents
and what is generally referred to
as 'common sense' that we are all
supposed to abide by and revere.

But not everything shiny is golden.

Not all of the predetermined 'okay'
actions are in fact acceptable, and
likewise not all things deemed the
erstwhile 'inappropriate' truly are.

There are subterfuges and deceptions
prevalent across the board, top to
bottom. It's easier to take things
at face value, to not dig any deeper
or question the status quo.

It's easier to play along and keep
in-step with what others are doing...
following the lead and not making
any waves.

But there is benefit, too, in stretching
the mind...discovering what if fake
and what is real.
(And sometimes, what cannot be
discerned at all, since subjectivity
is always with us.)

We're free to follow whatever course we choose,
but shouldn't we at least know the
difference between the things
we're choosing from?

Just a question.


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