Monday, June 11, 2012

"What doesn't kill us..."

(My 'three strands' are Courage,
Faith in Self, and Resolve.)

There is pain....
make no mistake.

Resistance is not refusal,
but determination.

Reticence is not restriction,
but thoughtful consideration.

Fear is not the end--
just a fact of the matter....
another dissident voice to be

Reluctance is not the final word.
It's the jumping on point.

Weakness has to be trained out of you,
but lack of easiness is not a recipe for
failure. Challenge is the training ground
for all greatness.

While others expect you to be burned
alive or destroyed by the flames' marring,
instead become one with the fire and
rise like a phoenix, reborn.

Everything dies in this world; the
death of our old self and our old ideas
does not bring our life to an end.



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