Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Receive it and Believe It

What signs do you pay attention to?

Do you allow the signs and guideposts that
others have erected to be your influence,
knowing that they do not bear your best
interests in mind?

Or do you block out the negativity and
nay-sayers in order to support
and promote your own needs?

What you allow to infest and rest
and manifest
in your mind is what will influence and
lead your thoughts, choices, and actions.

Think carefully about the words and
ideas you allow in.
Defeatism harms no one but you.

Where others fear to tread,
they will attempt to prevent you from
reaching, through stifling or crippling or
insinuating. If you remain open to their ideas.

'Unconventional' is not an insult.
'Unlikely' is hogwash.
'Impossible' is a state of mind.

Follow your own path,
think for yourself,
and be attuned with what signs
you want to follow.

No matter where anyone else is heading.


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