Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Every one's got a sob story, sister!"

People aren't entirely bad; they just work hard at it.

I'm not oblivious to the multitude of psychological matters behind
the various means of trying to bring me down. Everyone has a childhood
trauma of some sort lurking about.

Some folks are fearful of anyone who asks questions, goes against the
grain, attempts to expand or change the status quo. For many, change
or difference of any kind is anathema.

Some have no sense of separation between themselves as a person
and their belief system. Any imposition on an ideal, or even simple
disagreement, feels like an attack. They fly into defense mode because
their world is small and their comfort level attached to everything
being 'as it always was.'

Many were themselves repressed and suppressed and blasted for
daring to be all too familiar and sad trend in American
society with our crazy overreaction and puritanism in regards to both
sexuality and artfulness. Self-expression is frowned upon still.

They are sadly on a track of mimicking the policing, parental voices
that squashed their dreams. Some out of angry, misdirected revenge,
some from jealousy of others achieving theirs, and some just genuinely,
robotically acting out their learned habits of being a zombie and doing
what others want.

Maybe if they're a good slave, even at this late stage in the game they
will receive the reward and affection they have been seeking all their life.

At the end of the day, however, those targeting you are simply your
enemy, and they're standing between you and yours. If it's 'them or me,'
it's for damned sure going to be me. I can sympathize all day long...
from the winner's circle.


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